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Triple-A localization since 1999

Videogame localization experts?

Nope, we are veterans!

The Italian team behind some of the most important games of the last five generations.

Speed and quality

16/7 real availability

24-year experience

We are not an agency.
We are a team.
And we love (y)our games.

We are a big team of avid gamers and former game journalists working together for other 20 years.

No external freelancers. No machine translation. No jokes.

Language pairs: EN / ES to IT



What we offer

Yes, we can help you with your videogame. Or with your novel, website, guide or app. Just ask.

All in one.png

All-In-One Solution

Translation, editing & proofreading. Glossary and Q&A management. A single contact person. 

Send your project & chill.

High volumes.png

High Volumes, Tested Workflow

Seven full-time linguists. Up to 12,000 TEP words per day. We know what can go wrong. It happened. A lot.

Real-world words.

Quality first.png

Quality First,
Strict Guidelines

Established team of pros with consolidated guidelines.

No external linguists.

No machine translation.

Your project, handcrafted.

High flexibility.png

High Flexibility,
16/7 Availability 

Urgent task? Overnight email? Weekend delivery? When you hire a team, there are not autoresponders.

We have an answer.


Games are our passion
Italian is our tool

The First Place is a team comprised of seven professional translators and reviewers (and former videogame journalists) with decades of experience in the industry.

Ivan Fulco, founder of the group, is a former tech journalist (Repubblica, La Stampa, L'Unità) and essayist.

Games experience

High-tech experience

Journalism experience

Trusted among industry leaders

In a quarter of a century, you meet a lot of people. And you work on a lot of games. We loved every one of them.


What the critics say

“Italian translation is excellent.”
(Elden Ring,
“Each traveler's story is beautifully told, and that is also due to the excellent Italian localization.”
(Octopath Traveler,
“The excellent Italian version really deserves praise.”
(Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,
“Our hero cracks lots of jokes during the action, perfectly rendered in Italian.”
(Marvel's Spider-Man,
“The soundtrack is great and so is the English-only voice acting - the game, though, features an excellent full text localization into Italian.”
(Kingdom Come: Deliverance,

How Much

Do you need a full handcrafted Italian localization? We'd ♥️ to hear from you.

  • Our Rate
    (+4% National Social Security Fund)
    • Translation, editing & proofreading
    • Glossary management
    • Q&A management
    • SNAFU management

Hundreds of games localized in 24 years.
Also magazines, novels, essays, game guides and apps.

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