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TFP Service is a team comprised of about a dozen professional journalists and translators with more than ten years of experience in the industry. Ivan Fulco, manager and founder of the group, is a journalist (Repubblica, La Stampa, L'Unità), essayist and translator.


Translation services from English and Spanish into Italian for videogames, books, magazines, apps, software and websites.

Production of original editorial contents for magazines and websites covering information technology, videogames, new media, Internet and pop culture (contact us for more details).

How Much

TFP Service charges a single fixed fee: 0.078 €/w

Our fixed fee includes:

  • Professional translation
  • Full review (by a second resource)
  • Additional spot-checks (either done by the original translator or by a third resource)
  • Q&A management and implementation
  • Glossary compilation and management (if necessary)

Our fixed fee doesn't include:

  • Review of previously translated texts if updated by the customer → 0.027 €/w
  • Additional tasks (implementation of updates after the translation process has been completed, specific non-quality related checks as requested by the costumer) → 18 €/h


Pro-level quality, thanks to translators with a deep understanding of the videogame and information technology industry.

More than twelve years of experience, seven of which as an independent team.

Hundreds of projects already delivered, ranging from PC and console videogame localizations to novel and essay translations or magazine editing.

Not a single deadline missed. We can manage high loads of work under any circumstances: SNAFU, SUSFU or FUBAR.

Actual 18/7 availability: we can follow your project even during non-working days.

Reasonable fees: no intermediaries, no hidden costs.

As of today, TFP Service is probably the team who has localized into Italian the highest number of triple-A titles, from the PlayStation era until the present day. Also, our group has translated several novels, essays and magazines, working closely with the most important publishing houses in Italy. Last but not least, we can provide original contents for magazines and websites.

During the last ten years we have written, translated and localized any kind of text under any circumstances. We can provide an output of 10,000 words per day (actual words, non-working days included), assuring a top-level quality through the work of a team of resources which will coordinate themselves, contributing to shared glossaries and internal reference documents, and who are closely supervised by a reviewer since the early stages of the translation process.

Why choosing the TFP Service? Because all you have to do is relax. We'll get the work done.